Classic, Antique, and Vintage Car Muffler & Brake Service

We understand you don’t want to trust your classic, antique, or vintage car to just anyone for muffler and brake service. Whether you are restoring an older specialty car or continuing to maintain one, leaving your baby to any ‘ol repair shop won’t do. So whatever your reason for investing in collectible automobiles, we’ve got you covered.

Georgia’s Leading Classic Car Exhaust System Restoration Specialists

At Muffler Centers and Brakes, we have a passion for classic (and older) autos and deep expertise in their restoration. We do quality custom work including our own welding. The typical issues we resolve include sourcing and installing speciality muffler and brake products, addressing exhaust issues, and increasing overall efficiency to support and boost the engine.

Gallery of Classic Cars We’ve Worked On

Classic, Antique, and Vintage Car Exhaust System & Brake Repair Projects

Below are pictures from some of our recent classic car projects. We specialize in exhaust systems and brake service on classic, antique, and vintage automobiles. Please do ask us about the work, we love talking shop!