Muffler Services

Is your car sounding a little, loud? Let our experienced mechanics help you prevent embarrassment or a ticket. We can handle all your muffler repair and replacement needs. We even specialize in classic car muffler/exhaust systems if your baby needs a trusted hand.

We are also trained to work on performance exhaust systems and tailpipes. If you’re looking to install a custom solution to crank out some extra horsepower and gas efficiency or have an aftermarket system currently installed, we can help! We have worked with exhaust systems on cars of all make, model, and year. From classics to modern sports cars, we’ve worked on it all and loved every minute of it! 

We are also trained and have years of experience working on catalytic converters and can solve any muffler or exhaust system problem that comes our way, even the ones that our competitors won’t touch. It’s our goal to get you safely back on the road as soon as possible at the lowest cost.

Muffler and exhaust systems are increasingly sophisticated and technology-heavy. Don’t trust your car with just anyone. Make sure to take it to a pro you can trust. Bring your car to one of our experienced pros at Muffler Centers and Brakes and we’ll take good care of you.